Founded in 2011, Jaffa Parks was established to acquire and operate Manufactured Housing Communities (MHCs). Home to about 20 million Americans, mobile homes represent the most affordable form of detached housing in the United States.  While demand for this subset of single family housing remains strong, new MHC development has virtually ceased due to restrictive zoning and local opposition.

By refocusing management and implementing cutting-edge technology, we add value and grow cash flow. By upgrading and maintaining common areas, we promote cleanliness, safety, and mutual respect with residents.

Jaffa Parks continues to expand its portfolio to areas with diverse employment opportunities and attractive retirement conditions. We seek both stable properties and distressed assets, including notes, and we close transactions from $2MM - $50MM swiftly and discreetly.

Jaffa Homes is a licensed retailer, dealer, broker, and installer of manufactured homes, established to provide residents with a flexible and affordable path to home ownership.

Jaffa Parks has been profiled in Bloomberg



Principal of Jaffa Parks, Dan is a graduate of the University of Michigan.  He began his career in the investment management division at Goldman Sachs & Co.  In 2004, Dan joined the hedge fund Digilog Capital, helping to build its proprietary equities business Tradelink Securities.  In 2009, he formed the investment firm WeissCo, investing in special-situation public equities.  In 2011, Dan co-founded Jaffa Parks.



Principal of Jaffa Parks, Dave is a graduate of Claremont McKenna College and Harvard University.  He began his career with ISDLS as a legal reform consultant for clients including the Supreme Court of India.  In 2008, Dave joined the global marketing division at Better Place, a venture-funded Cleantech firm focused on electric car infrastructure.  In 2011, Dave co-founded Jaffa Parks.



Director of Operations at Jaffa Parks, Debbie is a graduate of DePaul University.  She began her career in the international tax division at Arthur Anderson.  In 2005, Debbie joined Helix Funds, a private real estate investment firm whose holdings included American Residential Communities (ARC), the largest owner of all-age MHCs in the United States.  Debbie managed a portfolio of ARC’s properties until it was acquired in 2013.  In 2014, Debbie joined Jaffa Parks, where she oversees all property management.